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"If I had a horse buck with me now, I’m a little disappointed. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m a little disappointed if I couldn’t keep the horse out of trouble. Whereas it used to be a source of pride and now it’s sort of a source of shame if I let the horse get that lost." - Buck Brannaman.

Monthly Training

Colt Starting

   -Your will be required to be halter broke and have a good handle on them on the ground 

   - For the first week your horse will receive ground to prepare it to be ridden. Then the rest of the three weeks it will be ridden. (This ensures the horse will be ready to be ridden and ensures the safety of our trainer.)  



Barrel Horse Training 

Barrel Horse Tune Up

Conditioning Your Horse

     -riding your horse and getting them fit

      and ready for you to ride 

Putting more of a fancy handle on a horse 

Western Pleasure Training 

     - and in other disciplines as well 

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These Services are offered with monthly rates. Services include feed and board, and turnout.  If your equine has specific dietary needs, then you have to provide it or we can for an additional charge. All horses must be provided with current negative Coggins.

Two free lessons will be available monthly or prior to completion of training. Progress will be reported weekly if not monthly. 

You will be billed Monthly; May include but not limited to farrier services, dental, vet, chiro, and hauling expenses: such as exhibitions, entry fees, stalls, shavings, mileage, etc 


Looking to learn how to ride or wanting to improve your Horsemanship skills? We will be offering lessons to beginners during the Springs/Summer/Fall seasons. We will only have a limited amount of spots available. 


  • Beginner: $25/1 hr. session  

Lessons will Improving Horsemanship skills, work on gaining confidence, teaching how to ride,  

Run Reviews 
2021 Fancy 2.jpg

Having problems on the barrel pattern? We offer run reviews online. You can send them in and our trainer, Miranda will offer advice and if needed drills to help you out. 

Run Reviews:

  • $15/video or 3 for $40 

"When it comes to horses you Never stop learning:" Unknown

Horsemanship Reviews

Can't seem to nail down your Horsemanship pattern? Or wanting to up your game on the Showmanship pattern? We are offering Horsemanship, Showmanship, and Trail reviews online. You send in your videos and our trainer, Miranda will give you advice on where to improve and some exercises/drills that you can do to help you out.


Pattern Reviews: 

  • $10/video or 3 for $25

  • 1v1/ $15 

    • 1v1 - to be eligible you need to send in two videos; one being Showmanship and the other Horsemanship 


"Work on a horse and that horse gets better. Work on yourself and all your horses get better"- Unknown 

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